Writing Inspiration – Photography

One of the things I find incredibly useful for inspiring my writing, is going for long walks or outings with my camera. I started off with a £30 digital that my mum bought me and it lasted about 2 yrs of being dropped in mud and the like. I know have a more expensive camera so I can do more with it – like zoom!

The joy of using the camera is three fold for writers:

1) You get out on your own and walk around and think – thinking like this in invaluable to a writer and is a good way to incubate stories.

2) You have lots of pictures you can use to write from or make story boards with – I actually have a sort of web comic with some of mine called Wiggly Pets.

3) You go places specifically to take photos of stuff and find/see things that inspire you.

I now have a photo a day blog as I take so many photos and occasionally end up writing – writing exercises for other people from them.

Posted: Thursday, August 30th, 2012 @ 5:13 pm
Categories: Inspiration.
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