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Pink Flapping Monster

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Pink Flapping Monster (First published on Turquoise Monster) Upon a Welsh Mountain Side Above a disused slate quarry Below a turgid sky In a fine hazy drizzle A monstrous pink flapping monster Perched on the edge About to take flight Fear sticks in the throat Fear jellifies the knees Fear pancake flips the stomach Fear […]

Oggy, Babbit and Bubba

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Oggy, Babbit and Bubba were Mary’s special friends, they went everywhere with her. In the morning Mary would wake up hugging Oggy, Babbit or bubba and would then tell them about her dreams. When daddy came into the room she would stretch up her arms and called ‘Daddy! Out! Out!’ and once in his arms […]

Writing Inspiration – Fan Fiction

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Now fan fiction is a thorny issue – it can upset authors as it does impinge on there rights some what. However many authors allow it as long as you are not selling the books or making money from it and many series would not have been able to continue if a fan fiction writer […]

Light Through the Window

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Light through the Window (first published on Blue Monster) The room was light in a sort of half gloom that struck Eric as odd; the furniture seemed to melt in upon itself. The light was a pathetic dim grey that seemed to diffuse reluctantly into the room rather than spill or pour as he felt […]