Magenta Monster is on of the Story Telling Muse Monsters who have come to Earth to help humans, understand, read and create stories in different media. Magenta specifically focuses on helping the Human Sarah Snell-Pym write and publish Flash Fiction which is fiction under 1000 words. But there is also micro-fiction which is even shorter – under 100 words!

Some of the stories on the blog may well exceed the 1000 words these are short stories and have a range of lengths.

Magenta is a specific type of Story Telling Monster – a Gurgitation Monster which means that all the stories are gurgitated from scratch unlike friend Yellow who is a Regurgitation Monster and re-hashes old jokes and stories.

Magenta Monster loves sea side rock, plums and beetroot to eat and lives in Gloucestershire with the Wiggly Pets who kindly helped all Monsters when they arrived in this dimension.

Both Sarah and Magenta hope you enjoy the stories – you can follow the monsters adventures (and the Wiggly Pets) by following @TheMonsterBlogs and @Saffy on twitter or liking Sarah Snell-Pym Writer and Artist on Facebook.