My Story Starters 10

With this post I will have posted 100 story starters 🙂 Use them to get the creative juices flowing 🙂

1) The clinic was a special one, a sort of orphanage for those things that had been created in desperation.

2) A fighting chance, that’s what they had promised her! Not that she had believed them but this was something else, there was no way this was even going to be entertaining for the average spectator

3) Since landing on the distant orbital strange things had been occurring

4) It was our habit on Sundays to always sit and await the meal that mother had provided, it had never occurred to us to ask how she did it, then one day we awoke and she wasn’t there.

5) Time ticked the beat and we skipped through our lives as fragile and meaningless as the moon beams on a passing asteroid

6) It all began as a kind of joke, putting strong electro magnets in each others cloths and switching them on and off

7) The trouble with mind benders is that they have to be formed into some sort of network or grid and if just one of the minds goes out of sync they are in trouble

8) There was an under current of hysteria and I felt the tremors of it through my very being and so I began to prepare for the worst

9) ‘Hello?’

‘Your mother is dead’

‘No she’s not she’s sitting right here with me’

‘Not her your real mother’

10) I had meant to leave the world with a glorious new future, what I left it was a legacy

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