My Story Starters 8

Yep even more story starters for you all!

1) She put her lipstick on, it was sugar pink and matched the powder blue vanish on her nails

2) The sleepy village with its prize winning gastro pub and endless footpaths was the idyllic British norm…

3) Hair crinkled in black ribbons that were looped back into a sort of tendril

4) The food was laid out neatly it was not a normal picnic though

5) It was by all accounts just a but if larking about, the boys had decided that a spot of bare knuckle boxing was the thing to do

6) The tongue flickered out of the mottled scaled snout

7) The queue stretched on and on and on, she was so hungry and her feet hurt so much and even her throat was swelling shut for the need of a drink

8) The sun was setting, the heat shimmer of the long day…

9) It was a way of controlling the population, it started with the heart patients

10) It wasn’t even a real memory but it was all she had

Posted: Thursday, March 24th, 2011 @ 10:37 am
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