My Story Starters 7

More of my story starters to help budding writers 🙂

1) The asteroid against all probability and sensibilities was a meadow

2) Time trickled in a steady flow of moments, sometimes they would bunch together

3) If anyone had been watching the seed heavy grasses in the field left fallow for hay they would have noticed..

4) A dark realm existed just under the skin of the world

5) She had noticed that people were slowly turning grey

6) The house at the top of the hill had been needing a like of paint for as long as anyone could remember

7) Signs and portents seemed to be vying with each other to get attention

8) He surveyed the troops before him, they were rag tag and loathsome

9) The nasal choir champions were always highly competitive

10) Vat Grown Go Home was scrawled on the walls the economic collapse was making feeling run high

Posted: Thursday, February 10th, 2011 @ 10:15 am
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