My Story Starters 6

Ten more story starters to get the fellow story writers out there writing!

1) The sand was gritty between his toes ad a warm fug seemed to have enveloped him

2) The streamlined lines of light glittered all around the city ensuring that never quiet fell

3) Insects had swarmed before but not like his

4) The trailer babies lived precarious lives

5) In the days of the dying sun a new race emerged to bring forth the bountiful dark

6) She sat amongst the scratchy heather and barberous bracken

7) The ice had grown, climbing higher into the sky of grey

8) The caravans sat in a huddle the people within them drawn together in desperation

9) The river was a source of life and symbol of fertility but it was nothing now other than a slow sludge of toxic soup

10) The clock stuck 11 it was not the magic witching hour

Posted: Thursday, November 25th, 2010 @ 9:59 am
Categories: Story Starters.
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