My Story Starters 4

Story Starters are a twitter meme started by Solorian were writers share the beginnings of potential stories to help each other get going with the whole writing malarky – here are another ten of mine – use and abuse them 🙂

1) The crystals came from only the deepest of mines, blood and sweat was all that released them from the darkness, sometimes they would sing.

2) The Dwellers began to stir sending a chemical reek from the pit

3) The Lord of Chaos ruled over the Domain of Random

4) Darkness swam up from the depth clouding his vision

5) Was it her imagination or had the sky turned red?

6) Pine cones bobby along the horizon – ridding the waves with a clumsy grace

7)Glass slippers? That was basically what they were – did that make her Cinderella?

8) It looked like a skate board with a tesla coil barely contained at it’s nose

9) Ivy had grown on the walls, the high thick and slightly worse for wear walls.

10) The rubble strewn playground was his playground, his bare feet tough and dusty

Posted: Thursday, August 12th, 2010 @ 9:11 am
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