A New Arrival

This was first blogged on Snell-Pym mine and my Husbands personal blog and then later on Wiggly Pets as a webcomic type thingy.

A New Arrival

The lightbulb in the bathroom died.

So we placed an order with Lightbulbs Direct, and a few days later, a parcel arrived:

A new arrival!

We took the new bulb – still safe inside its egg – and set it up in a little hatchery until it was ready to emerge:

The hatching-box is set up

Before long, the egg came open, and our new bulb peeked out:

Starting to hatch!

After all that effort, it was hungry, so quickly tucked into the pile of batteries we’d left out for it:

Mmmm, food...

After a while it had built up its strength and started trying to find a nest:

Trying to find a nest

So we took it to the bathroom and set it free:

Be free!

It quickly settled in the nest in the ceiling:

Lightbulb in nest

And began to roost:

It's started roosting!

It seems very happy.

Posted: Thursday, March 7th, 2013 @ 9:41 pm
Categories: Comic, Flash Fiction.
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  1. light bulb Says:

    Made my day 🙂

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