What Can You See Under The Sea?

This is a picture book script I wrote a few years ago and am still working on the pictures for! I thought I would share it here. It was first blogged on Orange Monster.

What Can You See Under the Sea!

Can you see Carl the crab?

He is red with lots of legs.

Can you see Stella the starfish?

She is orange and sleeps in the sand.

Can you see Dolly the dolphin?

She is grey and likes to jump.

Can you see Fred the Fish?

He is yellow and swims about.

Can you see Tracy the turtle?

She is green with great big flippers.

Can you see Jim the jellyfish?

He is white and floats about.

Can you see Seth the seahorse?

He is purple and hides a lot.

Can you see Olly the octopus?

He is brown with wavy tentacles.

Can you see Shelly the shellfish?

She is pink and hides in the sand.

Can you see Willy the whale?

He is blue and very large.

Can you see Ellie the eel?

She is black and very long.

Can you see Clara the coral?

She is lots of colours and looks like a flower.

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