Aztec Raspberries

Aztec Raspberry

The Aztec Raspberries gathered around the pyramid alter of frozen victims minced and mixed with fermented cow lactate. They sung songs to invoke the death goddess and awaited the juice that would ensure the sun would rise on the morrow. The sacrificial raspberry sat at the very apex of the pyramid and awaited with fruity grace the horror that was it’s fate – having been soaked in berry wine had helped with it’s serene continence and it fancied itself somewhat of a vampire as it had bathed in the life juices – the very berry blood of others, such as it.

And soon the Fork from the Sky descended and skewered the raspberry and carried it dripping juice to a maw so hideous the other berries quivered in fear. Great tomb stones of yellowed ivory ripped the sacrifice in half before a large and flapping creature covered in slime pushed it over to wide rugged platforms to be grounded and pounded into nothing but a fleshy pulp. The remains were then plunged into a bottomless pit.

The berries breathed a sigh of relief and congratulated themselves on a job well done – but then alas for their fledgling civilisation the Sky Fork descended into their mists and scooped the majority of them to their doom. It came back for the survivors and then demolished the pyramid – which to be fair was already melting and looking a bit worse for wear.

It even got the raspberry who had jumped off of the plate rim in desperation – a swift death ensued for the berry as it was crushed under a huge descending platform with ridges upon its underside.

Thus ended the civilisation of the Aztec Raspberries.

Posted: Thursday, July 25th, 2013 @ 10:23 am
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