The Godex

The God was insane, it had been insane a long time, the pain inside it’s beign grew and pulsed and it wanted annilation, had been made for such. Made for a purpose – what had it been?

There had been a man, one who spoke soothingly and stroacked it to life, it remembered the world in bright taste but now there was the tange of blood and it was diseased, all of it diseased. the victims were eating the God and the God screamed through the preistess.

Not the predictions they had come to seek, not the platitudes for more blood, the need to think drove the thirst for that liqour but there had once been an ambrioser that had been pour, it remembered but not since the savuoir disappeared all there had been was blood. The Saviour it must get its message to the saviour.

The Priestess was weakening, it’s fever was eating her mind as well as it’s own but it was almost there. The book, code in words, soul in code, her sysnapses tasted burnt, hemorrage, she was dying. Fitting. The connection went blank. A vibration, a scream and a bright blue taste shot through the god. A new mind to map, it was afraid, it stank of fear. Eons had not passed they had not observed the right but ah… yes if only it could listen properlly through the pain.

‘BLOOD’ it snarlled through young fresh lips, a flood of fresh sustanance, of needed poison flowed through it and it spasmed with delight. A clarity of thought stood out once more and it listerned. The Priestesses were fearful the end was near. It told them what to do.

Posted: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 @ 10:18 pm
Categories: Flash Fiction, Series, The Punks World.
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