A Child’s Story

A Child’s Story (first published on Turquoise Monster)

In the Beginning
The stars where bueatiful
And surrene
But then the moon appeared
Scattering crumbs
off Self
in their paths
They tasted and became hungry
Seething with desire
Angry with avarice
at each other
The throng moved as one
Distorted where their
pretty faces
as they became the Doom
They fell upon the moon
Who died without a sound
Distended became stomachs
feasting greedily
They became heavy
Crashing through the sky
They lay in puddles of destruction
Until the children found them
and cradled them
Giving them to their parents
To wind
They disgorged the moon
Which the older young
Threw to the sky
It coalesced and was joyous
The stars played
And danced
until all the lines of hate
that had creased their faces
where gone
And then in happiness
they drifted back to their vault
Where they sat in
with the moon

Posted: Thursday, February 24th, 2011 @ 12:19 pm
Categories: Verse.
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