Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale (first published on Turquoise Monster)

Bread crumbs stretched for miles
Children follow them in hope
Crushing blow
Of avian beak
Tears of innocence
Tears of fear
Crewly abandoned not once but thrice
No food, no love
The pesants life
Little feet bare
Mud stained fretful
This time lost
This time without recourse
Bread stale, hard
used as marker
so now stamaches starve
Two children hand in hand
Stumble through viscous wood
Hoots and calls
rent the air
Getting dark, getting cold
Hungry burns
But fear consumes

The smell
Sweet, succulent, stickyness
lures them
as if a dream
A house with warmth within
A house with edible eaves
A house with frosting dust
And sugar paned glass
Woundering at heaven
They enter
Faint with hunger
Delerious with saccarine high

Until the keeper
The archect
And crone
Anger, rage greed
dispicable hunger
Locks one terrified in a cage
dangling iron
he makes a strange bird
the other enslaved
drudgery of the domestic estate

Then to the duality of crewl
Feed one as a lamb to fatten
Starve other to be
Docile meek
But children are not fools
The hag poor of sight
Siblin love strong
Form survivial plan
They have done this before
Many times before

A chicken bone
presented as a finger
for testing – always too thin
for the pot
Morsals shared in early morning
hidden in a sleeve
They survive
Until the murder light
enters their eyes
tormentor to the fire
Freeing the bird cage boy
They look to the horizon
Wondering how to survive

Posted: Thursday, February 17th, 2011 @ 12:17 pm
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