The Maiden’s Dream

The Maiden’s Dream (first published on Turquoise Monster)

Green and leafy forest light

Watching over maidens plight

Purple night dark and cold

Witches plot, evil bold

Red rose lips cold to touch

Drank the poison with her lunch

Black and dark the misery sleep

Hoping waiting faeries peep

Greying hags place dragon there

The maiden sleeps in its care

Silvered moonbeams lead the way

show the beauty where she lay

Golden hair and silken gown

Waiting for her lover’s crown

Chestnut hair and tempered blade

Prince comes dragon slayed

Ivory skin smooth and soft

He gently lifts her aloft

Pink lips to hers kiss

Lost in lovers passioned bliss

Brown eyes of liquid grace

Open now – her perfect face

Orange freckles she sees abound

Feels her heart begin to pound

Blue eyes crystal clear

Proposes marriage without fear

Posted: Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 @ 11:54 am
Categories: Verse.
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