The Kissy Bunny

If I had a mirror that could look back in time, what would I see in the playground of Langtons Infant School. I would see one little blonde haired child, she hasn’t got a lot of hair, just a lot of dandelion fluff and tight little curls – one of which falls in the middle of her forhead. She hates this curl and is always trying to blow it back up onto her head.

If the mirror some how had sound what would I hear? The screams of the damned – otherwise know as children at play. The little girl who I can’t quiet believe is me, is hopping up and down and saying she’s going to become something. What is she going to become?

The Kissy Bunny.

She has the spare tights from her P.E. kit and they are being pulled onto her head like a hat. These are the Kissy Bunny’s ears. A few experimental bounces show that they move in a sufficiently bunny like way for this child. Satisfied she sets her sights on the dark haired boy with the basin hair cut, his name’s Stevan and he lives across the street from her. He stole her My Little Pony – Sweety, at the weekend and now it’s time for him to pay, and pay he shall.

Poised the little girl begins her bouncy whilst chanting, ‘Kissy! Kissy! Kissy!’

All the boys scatter, some of the other girls start the chant. Off she goes – boing, boing, boing. Steven doesn’t notice until it’s too late. She grabs him and lands a big sloppy kiss on his cheek – sticks her hand out and says, ’Where’s Sweety?’ he looks at her blankly then realisation dawns.

‘Erm buried with Jessy’s Keeper.’ Silly boy he hasn’t noticed the other girls closing in on him. This little blonde girl likes dinosaurs; this little girl knows about veloceraptors – about their hunting techniques and though rabbits are vegetarians that doesn’t mean they can’t kiss someone to death.


I am quiet glad that such a mirror does not exist so this event will never be spoken of again – will it? Kissy, kissy, kissy.

Posted: Friday, December 18th, 2009 @ 11:53 pm
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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6 Responses to “The Kissy Bunny”

  1. Marisa Birns Says:

    Oh, Saffy, really liked this!

    Loved the description of hair like dandelion fluff and tight curls. I can see it!

    Kissed to death, eh? Yes, too much of anything can be…too much :)

  2. Skycycler Says:

    Saffy is this a confessional piece? I hope you feel absolved, though a girl who liked dinosaurs would have been a top catch in my school, even if she wore tights on her head and was a tiny bit scary… This was a fun read. Thanks!

  3. David G Shrock Says:

    Too cute. Reminds me of the playground at school.

  4. Deanna Schrayer Says:

    Such a cute story, and she’s, (you’re?), easy to picture. :)

  5. admin Says:

    Thanks guys – and yes it was a confessional piece :) It even came up in the father of the bride speech at my wedding much to my horror!

  6. Jonathan Slaton Says:

    Saffy —

    I love it. I am trying to picture you with bunny ears made from tights. :) Of course today, you would be punished for sexually harassing the boys. Sigh… way too much political correctness in our world. Hope snow and child are all cooperating today!


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