Jane awake her throat was soar, ‘Mummy,’ she tried to say but couldn’t.

‘It’s ok baby your in hospital remember, you’ve just had your tonsils out so your throat will be a bit swollen.’ Her Mother’s hand stroked her gently she was safe.

‘Herby,’ she whispered.

‘Here’s Herby darling, who’s a little Herby hedgehog,’ her mother sang gentle, Jane felt the soft pricklies reassured, she fell back into a warm cotton wool sleep. When she opened her eyes again, she looked around and tried to sit up, Herby was still clutched in her hand. It was night time, it shouldn’t have been night time! The doctor had said she would be awake in time for dinner, she had been looking forward to it, it was going to be pizza and rice pudding – two of her favourites.

‘The operation took longer than the doctors originally thought dear, ’cause guess what they had to give you some extra blood, that’s what all the tubes are about its nothing to be scared about.’ Jane saw the reassuring smile and settled down – she still felt so tired. She looked at the tubes, ‘I’m a cyborg robort thing,’ she was happy, she couldn’t wait ’till she told Mal he would be so jealous that she got to be a cyborg and he didn’t. He’d been jealous enough when she had told him about the blue robot butterfly the doctors where going to put on her hand.

She loved butterflies, she had pictures of them all over her bedroom, not this one in the hospital but the one at home and her and Mal were always designing robots together, some with gun attachments, some with hovers and some were surgeons with big knives like that man in that film with all the ice and haircuts, she couldn’t remember what it was called.

She felt herself drifting back into sleep, ‘Daddy can I watch a film?’ she asked horsly.

‘What tonignht?’

She nodded.

‘There isn’t a TV dear,’ he said.

Jane shock her head, ‘no, one that happens inside my head.’ She liked the films that happened at night inside her head, they where great.

‘Yes off course you can darling they’re called dreams, and you can whatch as many of them as you like.’ She felt the reassuring strokes on ber hand. The film started, there were teddy bears and space ships.

Next time she opened her eyes it was daylight, full daylight, ‘Ah awake at last miss, well here’s your lunch.’ Said the nice nurse. Jane opened her eyes wide a big bowl of ice cream with crisps stuck in the top was put down in front of her.

‘Wow,’ she exclaimed in her scratch whisper, ‘is it someones birthday?’

The nice nurse smiled at her, ‘no this is special food for brave girls who have had there tonsils out.’

Jane tried to drink some of the water the nurse had also left but her throat hurt so much. Oh how her throat was soar! She would never be able to eat the ice cream and crisps, she put the spoon in anyway scooped out some ice cream and stuffed it very unlady like into her mouth after having checked that no grandmothers was around to tell her off. Creamy vinilla filled her mouth, a bit colder than she liked, it hurt her head, she swallowed, it was a bit painful but mainly it was cold, each mouth full was less painful and it was delicious. She was very hungry, perhaps she had been in desert for days and days with no food and little water and this was sweet water from an oasis and this was all just a mirror or something, ‘What do you think Herby?’ she asked a little less horsly than before. Herby obviously agreed with her. Looking around Jane saw the tube going into her hand under a bandage, I’m still a cyborge she thought but it was throbbing slightly.

Ut oh, she needed the toilet, really desperately she nedded the toilet, she began to squirm, she realised that she was in a single room not like before the operation where she had been in with lots of other children, where was the loo?

She’d just have to mount an expedition, she went to get out of bed pain shot through both hands, making her cry. The pipes hurt if she moved, she couldn’t move without pain, ‘Mummy!’ she began to wail. ‘Daddy!’ she was going to wet herself as well and only baby brothers did that, that’s why they wore nappies. She was hugging Herby fiercely, ‘Herby I need a weewee,’ she sobbed.

A nurse came in, ‘Oh honey whats wrong?’ she asked as she sat on the chair at the side of the bed. ‘I need a weewee!’ she sobbed, ‘and I tried to go by myself but my hands hurt, I don’t wont the tubes anymore, take them away, please!’

‘Ok honey listen calm down, now come on, the tubes have to stay but,’ and she held up a hand, with one finger pointing to the ceiling, ‘I can wheel you in a special chair to the toilet, how about that?’

Jane stopped crying, ‘will I be a telepathic mutant with a bald head?’

The nurse smiled, ‘if you want to be.’ Jane smiled back.

After an exciting experdition to the toilet Jane settled down to a butterfly jigsaw puzzle with her daddy.

‘I’m a ‘ittle ‘erby ‘edgehog,’ come the soft country voice, ‘does this piece go here? Ir asked.’

‘No Herby that goes over here, silly headghog.’ She smiled Herby could be so silly sometimes, she patted him on the head.

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