The Ship

The Ship (first published on Blue Monster)

Along the coast a misty haze rises and blots out the horizon. This is when the destroyers often move, using radar and sonar and the like. They move with stealth and do the strangest reconnaissance of the sea floor, which considering they use explosives to do so, seems pointless to try and hide.

The waters are an azure blue and the palms on the beach wave forlornly; penguins dive into the waters and fly underwater. What are they looking for here? What are they doing?

I think we shall never know but I like supposing:
Suppose they have found Atlantis or something of its ilk?
Suppose they are tapping the trunk cables and threatening the Internet and the like?
Suppose they think there is something, some rarity to be mined down there?
Suppose they are looking for a crashed space ship?
Suppose they find it?
The coast is rocky near the land and safe harbour is hard to find and like many ships before it, the destroyer behaves erratically and scuttles with a sideswipe to the rocks peeking from beneath foamy waves.

We shall never know.

The end

Posted: Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 @ 8:11 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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