Tea Spoon Song

Teaspoon Song (first published on Blue Monster)

Out in the kitchen of the mind sat a teaspoon, cold and silver and shiny. It looked to the sky to see if the stars were cradling the moon once more but alas the ceiling got in the way.

The teaspoon became despondent with the lack of sky and began to lament in heavy sobbing cries, ‘Oh stars where are you, why deny me your wondrous sight?’ But being a teaspoon without a mouth no one could hear the words and the teaspoon sat forlorn and alone.

Eventually someone came and made a cup of tea. They put the kettle on and put the tea bag, white with freshness, in the mug with a slightly raised floral pattern. Then once the plume of incandescent steam rose from the kettle, water was dunked upon the unsuspecting tea bag. The little teaspoon was whipped from its place on the side and plunged into the scolding liquid – fortunately being made of metal this process did not hurt the teaspoon and it dutifully fished the teabag out of the insipidly yellow brew.

Cow juice of the white fatty kind was then added to the beverage and the teaspoon dutifully stirred it. Once the clouds of fatty emulsifers had diffused through the drink adequately the mug was taken from the kitchen. The teaspoon was sticking just above the rim.

To the teaspoon’s astonishment it was taken outside and the mug sat upon a wooden table. The teaspoon could tell it was outside by the contrasting cold of its handle that stuck out of the tea. The tea was also cooling quite fast. Unfortunately the teaspoon was immersed in tea and therefore still could not see the stars that pinwheeled above him.

Eventually though, the mug was knocked over and the teaspoon lay in the muddy remnants of tea with icebergs of shattered ceramic around it. The teaspoon was happy and content – the stars winked back at it.

The End

Posted: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 @ 7:56 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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