Seasonal Prolapse

Easter Snow

Pam looked out of the window as she did every morning, but instead of the lovely view of the hills with the summer grass sawing upon it she saw a horror of mind bending proportions. There were daffodils and green grass with the beginnings of little white clover flowers – this upset her greatly as they were spring time apparitions but that was not the least of it for behind them upon the hill itself was a blanket of white gleaming snow. Two seasons in one window view and neither of them the correct one for the month.

Pam closed her eyes turned her back on the window and carefully ignored the ludicrous sight beyond, clearly she had eaten a funny whelk or maybe it had been the cheese – no doubt she was in fact still fast asleep in her bed. So she did what she always did in a crisis whilst joking embarrassed about just how British she was for doing so, she put the kettle on.

She was humming some distracting tune when the phone began to buzz its way across the table, she hesitated before picking it up.

‘Hello?’ she said timidly.

‘Pamela?’ came her sisters voice.

‘What is it Mona I am having a bad day here and it’s not even breakfast time,’ she looked over at the sound of the cat flap and saw her black cat covered in a sugar coating of powdery snow, she shuddered obviously the hallucination was getting worse.

‘Don’t be so stupid! Have you looked out your window?’

Pam paused and turned to examine the scene from her window again pursed her lips and prepared for a fight, ‘now Mona don’t start that nonsense again, we are not witches, it took me three years of counselling to see that it was the dysfunctional family we grew up in and not a reality and you should do the same.’

A heavy sigh greated her from the other end of the phone, ‘ok Pam we can play it your way but me and Susie will be around within the hour just make sure you have the bits for the reverse bleed charm.’

‘Why would we need to do that?’ she asked forgetting that witch craft didn’t exist for a moment.

‘We have a seasonal prolapse or are you that much in denial that you can’t see the spring flowers and snow covered hills?’

‘I am not in denial!’ she hissed and hung up the phone, she stared at the hand set for a moment and felt the queasy feeling in her stomach, perhaps she could just not tell the councillor about this that way the woman wouldn’t give her the disappointed look. That decided she got the cauldron out from under the stairs and began gathering herbs and beads and what nots from various nooks.

It was very hard to not be a witch when the world kept needing you like this, Pam made herself another cuppa and awaited her sisters. The cat told her not worry and the bats from the attic bought her some chocolate to calm her down.

Posted: Thursday, October 24th, 2013 @ 9:23 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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