Fluffy Tufty Cushion

Fluffy Cushions (first published on Red Monster

My cat is a beautiful white persian and loves to drape herself on the settee. Her fur is long and lustrous and thick and when she is curled up you cannot see her little squashed face nor where her body ends and her tail begins. This was all fine until my great aunt Cecilia came to visit. Now Cecilia was extremely old and her eyesight and hearing were crumbling fast but in her day she had been part of the forefront of fashion and was the authority on – which cut of clothing and what colours suited what and whom. She is lovely in a sort of industry calculated kind of way.

She came in the house and exclaimed over my newly furnished flat, then she asked where I had got the adorable white fluffy cushion on the settee. I said, ‘That’s not a cushion, that’s Tufty the cat!’ But what she heard was something more along the lines of ‘That’s mock cashmere that’s Tufty, that!’

She then proceeded to try and pick the cushion/cat up by grabbing a handful of fur.  What she got was a whirlwind of tooth and claw and a grating noise like a broken hedge strimmer.

When she comes to visit, these days, Tufty hides in the kitchen and Cecilia avoids all the soft furnishings she can.

Posted: Thursday, February 11th, 2010 @ 9:02 pm
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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