Cluster Fabric

It was hard to get one galaxy to spiral around upon itself with out reaching arms that had to so delicately be placed next too, entwined but hardly touching it’s neighbouring galaxy, a mirror image to help the fit be exact.

The symmetry never quiet worked and so the solution was to work with that and add an aspect of apparent randomness to the design, of course it could not be actual randomness as that looked far too ordered and so each and every galaxy had to be placed just so with their stars teased out into beautiful filaments.

Patterns within patterns within patterns – it had been genius to make make it all fractal and there were clusters and super clusters and voids to set it all off just perfectly. The fabric of reality was ready, now it just needed to be cut and pinned and sown into place.

The Creation Ball was only a week away. But the process had to be flawless after all no one wanted a seam to come undone or for fabric of reality to rip! No that would be unthinkable. OF course there was the slight matter of the black holes but those within the universe were unlikely to see the weave of it and even if they did none of them would be stupid enough to prod at something so dangerous. Would they?

Posted: Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 @ 8:30 am
Categories: Micro Fiction, Story.
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