Best Of Friday Flash

I am part of an online community called Friday Flash – it started off as a twitter thing and grew from there. Each week on Friday we post links to our pieces of flash fiction, we add them to the collector and we read each others works (sometimes when time permits!).

There is now a dedicated website and a Facebook page :).

After a year of this madness they decided to produce an anthology or collection of the best stories. So submissions opened and to my surprise my story got in. It is called Deamons which I’d posted as one of my first flashes.

My main astonishment about this piece is having read it out at events and things – people like it but it started life as the beginning of a novel I never wrote. I edited it a bit but the story was actually written when I was 14.

The collection Best of Friday Flash is a great collection and is edited by the Father of Friday Flash J.M. Strother.

Posted: Friday, September 10th, 2010 @ 9:10 am
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