Which Way is North?

Amy stood in the bitter ley of the granite column listening through the muffling fur of her hood, the executioners had been hard at work and the old rituals of blood sacrifice had seen a boom. This time to the new god of 2000 years or so of British culture – the site they were done upon was however a far older.

The scientists had been first when they failed to predict the cataclism, she bit her tongue from the sob because they had warned of it but amongst them they hadn’t been able to agree what it was going to be. In the end it appeared they were all right and it was only a matter of timescales and which bits happened first. She had been scientist – she hid the fact well, and so had remained uncelebrally challenged by wit of keeping her head.

Ice crystals swirled in the air to make an inverted rainbow, beauty to the grizzly execution before her, she didn’t want to be there but non attendance could lead to investigation – and that really was the last thing she wanted.

The chemists, physicists, geologists, biologist and even the Drs had all been ritually disposed off, they were even starting head hunting the soft sciences and the world trembled.

The disaster, the thing that borught the world to its knees?

She’d been on a plane, she had heard the confusion from the cock pit as the compasses had not measured North but South, her father was old school though and knew the sun and the sky, he could navigate without the aid of compass. Many other planes had not coped well and had run out of fuel and crashed in the sea. Lights had rimmed the sky in pink and green ribbons for a few weeks and the carcinoma levels in pale skinned people sky rocketed.

But it happened at the wrong time, it correlated with the Texts that had been found, enough written crap on the scriptures to make the Dead Sea scrolls look like a children’s book.

Panic ensued and governments toppled.

Witch hunts had started and Amy had shuddered and hid and hoped no one remembered what she had been before. The madness stated that the ills were rooted in science and technology and so they had stripped those away by virtue of killing those who understood it. Of course they had continued using it in order to maintain draconic control on the terrified populace a third of whom were dying of solar radiation induced cancer.

Medical care was gone and the Alternative remedies were stretched thin and clung to in despair of the gap antibiotics and aesthetics had left.

She watched numbly as the bloody acts warmed the ground before it too was frozen, the smell of iron and electric filled the air.

It was the first of that nights, more where to follow – so many many more.

Posted: Monday, October 14th, 2019 @ 10:04 am
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