The Real People

I dreamt a long rambling dream about machines that put spikes into belly buttons on the back of your neck and jacked into your nervous system but that was the least of what they were doing. The jack was a path way in and up would go a… creature of little substance, all electric impulses held together with loose fitting joints. These would climb up your spines and enter you head were they would control the body looking out from the eyes.

But then that wasn’t quiet right either, they would become the body, be a new brain, be the controller and the feeler and the physical and emotional being in there. In… the… human. They were the person in many respects and my fear lay not in having seen them and the horror that bodies were being snatch in this way but more in the thought that one of these creatures may try to oust another… if that one was deemed by the whole to be… defective.

I had a strange sense of recognition of the little creatures, it was as if they had turned to stare at me. When I awoke from the dream I had the percular feeling that I only even inhabited my head and never really connected with the rest of it and then I started to notice how other people moved, how some were graceful and at home with all their limbs and others just weren’t, it affected little of how successeful they were in sports and other endevours. A disquieting came upon me as I wondered if I was indeed just a little person of electric sitting in a cockpit of brain steering a meat robot. But then I thought of the body I inhabited and thought how much I loved it. How the sensations all still over whelmed me and how I would die for it.

I began to wonder if a person would be a person at all with out that little electric creature.

I forgot about the idea in time and carried on with my life – failing to connect with others as much as I should have done and after one agonising confrontation when the person who’s attention I had sort out in formed me that a christmas office kiss did not count as a relationship and that if I told anyone she was a lesbian she would see that I did not stay at the office. I felt a dull hurt but it was too far away for me to catch, as if I was floating above the body. I decided not to point out how much more there had been to the encounter. But at that moment the thoughts came back unbidden and I went to sit in a cafe and think upon it all.

The coffee was bitter water barely luke warm and the waitress was rude. A business man in a pearlised blue-steel suit came in, he winked at me and turned to the counter, I had thought that a squirm of blue light had escaped his iris, lightening watched through the smoked glass of a weilder. He sat opposite me at the counter on a high seat, the suit pulled too tight on him, my attention was fixed.

There were very few people there and the suit material began to ripple, my nightmare creature oozed it’s way out, it wasn’t really that small being larger than my hand by half again. It had a sort of gellatinous skeleton that pulsed and sparkled and created the electrical impulses, they were alarmingly bright and I wondered if staring at them too much would render you blind.

It scrambled up on to the table where I sat and I wondered what on earth I should do, no one else seemed to have noticed the little creature but then no one was looking either were they?

I hovered in indisision it stared at me as if I were something strange, ‘Hello?’ I siad at last, tired of trying to make my eyes not see it. It jumped backwards startled and then slit it’s glowing orbs of eyes, they glowed a faint rosey hue and seemed now unfriendly rather than puzzeled.

‘Disconnect,’ it said in a whinning buzz.

‘Disconnect from what?’ I asked. Now it’s eyes opened wider and the light hurt my own, I wondered how they did not fry peoples actually brains. My eyes shifted to the empty body and to my amazement it was not slumped but having a conversation with the waitress.

‘You’re fused!’ it snapped and then walked up and with painfull eyes that felt fuzzy warm up close stared into my eyes. My muscles began to twitch around my eye, an unpleasent feeling that made me think of worms and maggots and voodoo dolls.

It stepped back in disgust, almost as if I had burnt it. ‘Why the hell haven’t you reported this?!’ sparks escaped it’s open slash of a mouth in evident frustration, I sat and stared at it dumbly. ‘You have already caused yourself damage evidently. The machines are not the people remember that! We are the real people now report yourself before they have to get you by force and you know how much worse that would be.’

A shudder rippled through me but I could not imagine why. It went to go shaking it’s head saddly and looking back at me with evident regret in it’s dejected form. ‘What are the humans if they are not real people?’ someone asked, I realised with a sense of real detachment that it was me and I had indeed said the humans instead of us! And more than that these creatures from my dreamscape were real? Was this the advancement of some nurological disorder, aka was I going mad?

It seemed to dim slightly and then spoke, ‘you don’t remember?’

I shook my head.

‘They are nothing, just machines. It is dangerous to become fused… it causes confusion. Go and get treated.’

I nodded but sat frozen, there had been a lie there hadn’t there? Who were the real people? I watched as the business man chatted away without the creature, I felt I would spew my guts as it climbed back up his back and oozed into him.

I sipped the coffee now cold as can be hoping he would leave and I could put it down to a neurosis but as he got up to leave he gave me a sparkling wink and I saw the danger. They would be after me now and I could not even remember what they were. Not every human had one and I… I had become something else, something dangerous to them, I disproved what they wanted to believe. I was a dead woman walking.

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  1. mazzz in leeds Says:

    creepy bit of horror here 🙂 They walk among us… or do we we walk among them?

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks – it was based on an actual nightmare I had 🙂

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