Blooming Marvellous

As the world awakes from its winter slumber, the ice drips and the ground warms urging the seeds and bulbs that had lain dormant to begin their quest for life. The sky brightens and the blue shines through with sunlight blindingly low on the horizon. It seems warm but the metallic tang of snow and frost and wind still bites and ice crackling remains in the shadows. This paradoxical sky of luring daylight is both warm and cold and the tasted nakedness of the dark seasons trees lay silhouetted against it – some would say they look like ink spilled but really they are too jagged and knotty for that and call out for the kindness of leaves – for a softening of their nakedness. Rough bark curled in the blistering freezes knows the suns song and hears the seasons change – its call to be once more. The sap rises, pulling sustenance from the depths of the sleepers until those branches so bare begin to bud. Little creeping moments of bright white and purple and pink, begin and open to thousands of little flowers. The branches become heavy with the floral weighting – waiting for the perfect moment to bloom and open wide, to entrust themselves to the world.

But there is a clock work of little infinitesimal gears that click, and grind and shift, to create this splendour and glory and in this world unseen by most a shadow of spring moves in the breeze of clouded sunlight. Ribboning its way through the branches it touches each sprig exploding the metabolic fire and slowly – BLOOM. Majestic and magical its claws are glittered with frost sparking rainbows whilst its crest brims of pastel swirls in the dew of the mornings to come – this is Blossom. Blossom of the pinks and mauves, Blossom of the made heart of time, a dragon of floral markings, soft scaled and with breath of petals that rain like snow blowing into drifts to consume the ugliness of the world. It is that time again – sometimes there is the tiniest glimpse to be caught of this creature and when that happens there is only one incantation to be made – Blooming Marvellous.

Posted: Thursday, March 11th, 2021 @ 9:19 am
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