The Bone Layer

It doesn’t really matter where you dig sooner or later you hit the bone layer, sometimes there isn’t bones as such but great swaths of land with thick ash, analysis shows that it too is basically bone. Sometimes stones that appear carved, jut out like teeth between the bones. It was these stones that really sparked my interest in what lay beneath our feet and as a child I studied diligently.

The bone is so prevalent that it is mined for building materials, most countries have used the bones for architecture at some point in their histories – there have been and still a few way out sects, who thought it somewhat sacrilegious – after all these bones had to be the founders? The parents of all… except… there are quiet frankly too many of them. No one really believes that they are the bones of people – rather that people had formed and folded themselves around those bones that lay there as natural mineral deposits. You can even see such amorphous blobs still swimming in our oceans! No life process needed for the bone layer – the bones are merely stones scattered out and ripe for quarrying.

The best china was made from the bone beds and ash pits. My grand parents still have a set, now a days most people prefer the ones ground out of the calcium rich water agates that were found in one of the bone mines a couple of decades ago.

A few years back some scientists had lost the plot and started saying that ancient diseases lay incubating in the soil around the bones – biding their time to strike down those who dared to disturb the ancients slumber. No one really took much notice – it sounded like the religious nuts and the bones couldn’t have diseases buried with them because after all they were not human in origin are they?

Interestingly they had taken the lovely three fold flower shape imprints of obviously ancient sea creatures and started saying they were a symbol for plague! I mean I can see that it is similar to our symbol for disease but it is a much softer shape with obvious lobes rather than piercing snakes tongues. And though I am no language expert I am pretty sure they have it all backwards. Those imprints are a sign of life of something biological and that then became the sign we use for disease once we found out illnesses were caused by little blobby cells – little miniatures versions of those floating in the sea.

It is a ridiculous idea that the bone beds were created by a plague anyway – after all so many many bones – there would have needed to be billions of people alive for that amount of bone, all living so close they would have had to stack the houses on top of each other. Of course there are the metal skeletons – some did hold that those where once skeletons of buildings but they are so very large that seems unlikely and they are surrounded by silica sand (a kind of natural glass) so obviously it is just another one of those weird ways that minerals grow – metal from glass, formed and shaped by the whimsy of nature.

People complain that using the bones is morbid and makes them think of death which is daft as they are blatantly not humans and the skulls look so pretty sitting at the top of the archways and that’s another thing – no building could ever be as tall as those metal juts would create. Not to mention the water eats them away at a rather fast pace creating red flakes that are indeed dangerous to us – so no the bone layer was from early star calcium percolating down through the clouds from space. It’s not like there could have been an advanced civilisation here in that before time – it would have left something to tell us it existed wouldn’t it?

And even if there had of been billions of people they would have needed to die almost all over night for this sort of formation to be created which does seem somewhat ludicrous.

I personally am interested in what is beneath the bone layer – it is so thick that people rarely dig down deeper than it, to date there are only two such digs and they found a hard calcium surface mixed with silicone and iron so chemically it is similar to the bone bed and those jutting iron skeletons. There do appear to be little bone cusps in some of this hard substrate – they do not match with any skeletons we have found in the bone layer but maybe they are proto bones. They after all appear in pairs and are ridged fans in shape, and you can just see them morphing into the spheres and sockets of our hip joints.

One crack pot reckoned they belonged to water creatures that had gone extinct due to the acidity of the seas, but everybody knows that water creatures have no sort of hard parts what so ever. It would be some what strange for them to have hard parts as it would make floating and swimming around all the harder!

No they are obviously proto bones.

I’ve been using sound echos and electrical pulses to look through the ground and have found some interesting structures – quiet regular in form – there are rows and rows of them – they seem to lay under or be a part of the hard calcium rich substrate – I suppose slab would be a good word but don’t want it being confused with slabs that get used for buildings.

Anyway I can’t wait to find out what they are. My co worker joked that they would be more bones! Bones in boxes would that be funny! I doubt it some how as they are coming back as lead rich.

Posted: Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 @ 10:31 am
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