Pen the Dragon

Once a Ruler thought it would be funny to hunt dragons so collected together a bunch of knights and solders and other such people. Then they built themselves many weapons including a load of rockets which they took to the local woods. A solider spotted a dragon nest so they set up the rocket launcher and on the rulers nod lit the fuse. The rocket flew into the sky and knock a dragon from it’s perch where it had been sleeping, the rocket hurt the dragon’s wing and so it could not fly away. So they caught the dragon and took it to a tower deep in the woods. It was a tall round tower and once the dragon was within they sealed it up so the dragon could not escape.

The dragon who’s name was Pencil, Pen for short was very sad and scared and spent many days wondering the tower alone. At night Pen was afraid as eyes would appear and disappear in the growing darkness until shivering with fear the poor dragon would fall fast asleep from exhaustion only to have nightmares about woooing and oooing creatures in the shadows. And so the days past and the nights though they seemed longer until one night fed up with quivering and being so alone Pen called out to the mysterious eyes – for Pen knew there was no one else in the tower as the dragon had looked and looked and searched and cried at the lack of others and the absence of an exit.

Calling into the night Pen invited who ever it was to come out and share supper for there were guards or maybe just kind locals who would throw supplies up into the tower. But no people appeared to answer the dragons invitation instead the eyes floated there in the half light and drifted forward. Pen tried not to show nerves and tried to back away but the poor hulk of a creature was shaking so very very much.

All Pen wanted to do was flee but there was no where to go and the loneliness was getting far too much to stand and then the was a faint noise growing louder by the minute. It was a wooa ooooooah wooooooooahhhhhhhhhh and then they were there a multitude of ghosts hovering not far from the dragons nose.

Pen squeaked and one ghost hovered further forward “helllooooo” it oooed and Pen returned it’s greeting and then they began to talk and talk and it felt so good not to be alone. And though they were ghosts and therefore some would say they were never really truly there Pen knew that no more was there a lonesome dragon in a tower for now the dragon had friends. Spectral friends who had story after story to tell and it helped Pen a lot but… a trapped dragon is still a trapped dragon and trapped dragons never thrive.

The dragon began to wilt, with pale scales and dull eyes, so the ghosts helped Pen escape. After all as much as they liked Pen they did not want a great big dragon ghost in their tower – dragons are noisome and ghosts are quiet and a ghost dragon is neither and both and as such could never be content to just be – Dragons make bad ghosts and it was not meant to be.

They found a boat and bits for a winch for Pen’s wing had been badly injured by the rocket. The poltergeists amongst them were very useful as they could actually move thing and so Pen was free once more but would not remain so for long and had to get far far away from that land. So they squeezed themselves into the little boat and with a wave and a flame in the twilight said goodbye and a big thankyou to the ghosts and set off across the sea.

The sea was calm and once beyond the coastal zone the tide did not carry the boat and so Pen had to use dragon claws as oars and push the boat through the surf. This was just what the injured wing needed and it grew stronger and stronger. There were many islands with great big trees on them, laying beneath such a mighty tree one night Pen looked up into the sky and saw all the stars gleaming there, ice white and twinkly and thought about how lovely it would be to go and visit those stars.

Stretching out both wings and only wincing slightly Pen gave them an experimental flap and then launched into the inky dark night, flying higher and higher into the sky, swirling and zooming and enjoying the feel of freedom – of life – for this is what dragons are made to do and a grounded dragon is a sad dragon though they do often find many other wonderful things to do.

Pen zoomed and swooshed and then hovered and looked and thought and then pushed off out of the atmosphere into the dark emptiness of space. Getting further and further out until the Earth was nothing but a little dot and still Pen the Dragon kept going.

On and on Pen went deeper and deeper into the vacuum beyond the planets. At last another star with it’s adamantian glint came near and was a diamond in the sky, an actual giant diamond. And Pen rested on it’s multi-faceted surface and looked at all the reflections of the dragon within and saw right down deep within were everything is small and over lapping that there were many many other stars out there and smiling Pen Dragon took a leap into the unknown knowing that there were whole new worlds out there to explore!

Posted: Thursday, June 16th, 2016 @ 6:57 am
Categories: Flash Fiction, kids.
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    That was adorable.

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