True Believers :)

Sarah Snell-Pym at True Believers Comic Con

I took my zines and cartoon jokes and wiggly pets and info about the Punks world to the True Believers Comic Festival in Cheltenham – I did not have Bamboozeled which had been the plan but I did have a Wiggly Pets and Snobberlinks and I had a fantastic time.

I also learnt that whilst at craft fayres the books and zines I take along on the off chance are what sells… the opposite was true here and it was paintings of monsters and pompom snobberlinks and the polymer clay characters the books are based on, that sold. Who knew!

I am now on the hunt for more comic book things and hope to fill next year up with them 🙂

My friends came and kept me company whilst hubby was off demoing his step brothers game. It was lots of fun and there were epic costume about – I will be dressing up next time! Though I want to go as my own character which maybe cheating 🙂

I broke even so doing better than a lot of craft fayres! And that was taking hubby’s table into account – though to be fair I think this was due to people who knew me coming and buying my stuff – I really hope they actually like it!

It’s also shown me just how much stuff I have lurking about that I really should do more stuff with what with Little Books of Poetry, Wiggly Pet adventures and all the rest of it 🙂

I spoke to other artists and got the lo down on how to run the stalls and the comic book selling world and people asked me to draw in their doodle pads.

More pictures and yes that is my toddler flopped in exhaustion she’d been chasing super heros and villians everywhere 🙂

Set Up of Wiggly Pet Press and Monster Blogs at True Believers Cheltenham Race Course Zines from the Wiggly Pet Press Wiggly Pets at the True Believer Comic Con in Cheltenham Monsters in the treasure chest Set up for True Believers Comic Festival Maps of the Imagination James with a Snobberlink at True Believers Best Outfits ever!!! At True Believers Cheltenham Cosplay in the Galleries A Villinous Catch The Dark Night Fights Cosplay mask at True Believers Comic Con All the excitement is just too much for some people He walks amongst you thronging comic book convention True Believers Cheltenham Helen and Mary at True Believers Cheltenham Race Course Cosplay at True Believers Comic Con Charlee and Mary getting the super hero vibe at True Believers Cheltenham Helen and James with passes to True Believers Tardis at True Believers Comic Con

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