Getting Back on My Feet

To get me back into the flow for writing ready for GothNoWriMo and NaNo (two writing novels in a month challenges) I’ve been thinking and plotting plans.

So my main focus for writing is my Punk Universe, this is Punku, Jess, Janus, Actimen Cull, Aquatic Apes, ancient Egypt, angles in space – all that lot. Some of what’s written can be found here and the blog where it all started is here.

I’ve been making lists and spider diagrams and time lines.

I planned the first nano but found the stories just wanted to flow after that but it is now so complex and my memory is shot… basically I am doing all the mapping and planning now in the hope that I will actually be able to write in October and November.

I can still only write a max of 1000 words at a sitting or my head gets wibbly but I am getting there (head injury for those who do not know).

Posted: Friday, September 4th, 2015 @ 9:04 am
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