Decembers Marching On

But I know have a The Little Book of Festive Poetry mug and a bunch of Christmas cards – sadly they still have not arrived and are not in large enough bulk to be selling them properly but basically the mugs are £8 and the cards are £2 each. Next year I do hope to have them a lot cheaper and to be selling them via various on line shops etc…

I have also done a book or rather story Advent calendar for my little ones 🙂 I cover a graze box (a box pre-ordered snack thingies come in) and put a picture from a story I’ve written on the front and fill it with some craft bits. They do the craft and get the story read to them 🙂

Book Advent

This also serves the purpose of making me sort out how many stories I have and what needs to be done to them to make them publishable etc… This year they are not all winter-Christmas stories but in the future it will be 🙂

Posted: Sunday, December 7th, 2014 @ 9:38 am
Categories: Inspiration, Publications.
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