Let It Snow

A soft darkness has enveloped the sky, pearlised clouds are twisting around themselves, fluorescing and threatening, it is almost time for the End Time to begin. The cold wastes that these lands will become will be beautiful and softened once more. No more harsh corners or ugly scars, the snow will cover all of that, will hide it away forever and ever or until it heals itself.

We have been waiting for this, sleeping in ever more crowded and dwindling numbers, huddled for cold in the permafrost but now our domain shall grow once more. We shall take the bodied of those that ravished the planet and ground them as flour in our natural mills, the terminal moraines will be made of bone and the fine earth will be flour of flesh and when we retreat once more, if we leave survivors, they will rejoice in the fertility of the land.

They will have forgotten this path they have trod, where they tread to extinguish us forever, such a foolish notion for even if we here were all melted to the liquid warmth that oozes everywhere these days. It would not stop our brethren from the skies, they await in the comets and in the clouds at the edge of perception, and deep deep in the heart of the void. Dark Clear the ice world orbits no star but has it’s own offspring satallites. It is home to us who dwell.

And we wait, the ice will come but first Let It Snow.

Posted: Friday, December 5th, 2014 @ 9:17 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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