Christmas Story Starters

A little early perhaps but for those who like it all Christmas like – here are ten story starters to kick start the festive story writing 🙂

1) It was December the 25th but all was not well in the little house in the middle of suburbia.

2) Snow clouds smugded the skyline, a sickly yellow that would bloom the light and fluffy flakes they had all be waiting for.

3) It was BBQ time! All that was left was for Uncle Cerol to arrive, but he was always late

4) The little santa doll was the best thing ever and Amy was going to look after him

5) Tick tock the mouse hang out her sock

6) A fest like none she had ever seen lay before her, her feet still bare and her face still sooty, she walked towards it waiting to be told no.

7) The Snowmen Wars went on a while and everyone agreed they had never seen it’s like before.

8) Aunty May just could not help herself – she never could and now the toddler was in tears and she was not a shred remorseful

9) The house looked like it had been hosting the unicorn potty training club, globs of sticky glitter were everywhere

10) They were going for Christmas drinks at her Dad’s best friends house, she’d made a special card that said Seasons Greetings

Posted: Thursday, December 11th, 2014 @ 11:31 am
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