Wintery Story Starter

Use these story starters to get the imagination going and to get you writing!

1) The icicles hung in a line, not perfect nor straight but they were…

2) The fairy lights had somehow been warmer in the past, all their pretty lights in defused glows, now they were harsh, hurting the eye.

3) Candy canes! So many little tiny candy canes, they were just the right size

4) The jingle of bells echoed on the air, floating some distance and with a hint of snow to come

5) Ted was starting not to like Christmas, it had once been the best day of his life now, he got forgotten when the new things arrive and

6) Excitement was high amongst the kids as the choir master tried to quiet them down back stage, rumour had it that the Mayor herself had come to see the show.

7) The creature from beyond the nth dimension was not sure how it in all it’s slimy-ness had ended up here at the teddy bears picnic with a paper crown upon it’s head.

8) The little blue-white fairies sparkled as they dashed here and there, there was a lot of work to be done before dawn.

9) Hunger was stark within the ice bound mountains and the wolves knew were a ready source of meat lay without tooth, without claw to defend itself.

10) The glass baubles had been passed down through the family, they were never allowed to touch them

Posted: Monday, December 8th, 2014 @ 11:13 am
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