The Moon was bright and huge in the sky, an orb of imperfection and desire, Mel laughed in pure joy, a sound that rarely passed her lips, as she skipped out of the door to follow the liquid silver light across the landscape.

Her black taffeta dress, hung around her emaciated frame and flowed in winds that could not be seen, eddies of the mind thought that were thick that night. She herself glowed white like bleached bone of the alchemist and her hair – a rainbow of ravens wing as it flew in tendrils around her fine boned skull of a face. Her eyes were too large for beauty and yet she was. Heartbreakingly so

Every person who lay eyes upon her wished to be swept into her arms, there was something safe there but it was a mournful lonely death with only Mel for company. She had been created for the Artists and the intellectuals, the Scientists had claimed her as had the new Mothers, and she hated them all.

Hated the way they clung to her, the way she became nothing but a safety blanket, they never saw her. Even back in the days when her kind were worshipped, no one ever saw her, no one would pay tribute to one such as she. She was an counter, an absence, a space to think and be still in.

Her darkness grew but sometimes, like when the moon was full and large and near to the ground, then she could be free of their needs. Then she could see her mother, Selene was always waiting for her, crying tears of dew and frost at her daughters lack within the Celestial Spheres.

And tonight was extra special, there was a conjunction and it was her birthday, there was to be a party. The third ever in her life.

Melancholy loved parties but no one ever invited her, they found the quiet wraith reading in the corner to be disconcerting. But that was mortals and this was different, she wondered what present her mother had gotten her as she chased the moon beams.

Posted: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 @ 2:53 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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