A Goal Reached and Breached!

The weekend saw me sale past the 100, 000 word mark – yes that is right – whizz! I am quiet frankly amazed – it would have been there sooner except that I managed to have a migraine which slowed things down by about 3 days and is still slowing things if I am honest as they last for an age even though I now have tablets for them.

That aside I am amaze and happy and wondering what I am going to do on the Dangerous Night of writing on Friday and the writing retreat I have on Sunday with Stroud Writing Space.

One of the things I have discovered is that I am happy writing about 2000 words a day either fiction or none fiction or rather typing in general – more than that and I am going to act the left shoulder and right wrist up. Having said that I love the focus and drive during the writing challenges and I learn so much.

And written so much…. really it is so much I am looking at the shear mass of material based in this world and the plan is that apart from the blog shorts there will be at least one title based in the Punk’s Universe going out each year – if I can manage it I would rather do it quarterly (bearing in mind there is a comic book series too!).

I have been writing this for over 5 years now and the base concepts I have been working on since I was 13!!! Yep 13!

A lot of the other stories I’ve written fit into this world so I need to dig all of them out as well – including upload and deep space ones.

Now to the crux – there is still basically a week left of NaNo so what now?

Well in truth I did not focus on Babel’s Key very much at all and I have bigger issues with the novel like the fact that I have about ten different view points and three to four time periods involved and I don’t think and I do not think I have something that will work as one cohesive narrative. Nor do I have a finished story in any way shape or form. In fact out of the 100, 000 words only 42, 395 of them are part of the story or elements surround Babel’s Key and around 5000 of those are notes/storyline that I ended up writing as I was typing up the actual story.

I would kind of like 60, 000 of the story written before the end of the month – so I suppose that is what I’ll be focusing on for the rest of the week – though I do have kids story stuff to do and a play too.

I think I have well and truly caught nano fever but at the same time I am so looking forward to December and the absence of NaNo!

Though I am planning on continuing at the rate of 1000 words of the Punk stories a day afterwards. Better get on with it I suppose – I keep extending the goal!

Posted: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 @ 10:56 am
Categories: Inspiration, The Punks World.
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