Babel’s Key – World Building To-Do’s

1) Read all of H.P. Lovecraft, find biographies and documentaries (that I’ve not already watched!)

2) Look up games and other literature based on the world

3) Work out where Marinanus fits in with the time line in general, when was it built and why – there is already a flash fiction about some of this

4) What society does the under water city have?

5) What does it look like?

6) What protections and safe guards do they have and are these Lovecrafts creatures/monsters?

7) Write ten flash fictions based in the city

8) Write five short stories about how it came to be and explorers of the past

9) Write a novelette around the secret of the city – what is Babel’s Key?

10) Draw the cover

Of course these can also be used as procrastination activities because I need some more of those 😉

But I do seriously find these useful and they are mostly research or pieces of work in their own rights. And from past experience these sorts of activities help build a stronger base for the story making it far more believable and also my comic book started off as something similar and I hey I try and produce one flash fiction and short story a week each week anyway 🙂

Posted: Friday, November 28th, 2014 @ 4:28 pm
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