Babel’s Key – Story Line

Warning – spoilers.

Multiple view points: def. Sam and Mack.

Starts with showing their lives and the game project and personalities.

Sam’s routine is the climbing wall, game design and kids, Mack is going through a stressful time at work which he has not disclosed all of to Sam.

Their friend sends them a package of game design gold but they are puzzled and worried as it is the actual Lovecraft journal and letters they have been sent which is incredibly out of character for their friend. The university he is a post doc at is not helpful even though there is a history of mental health and periods of running away.

Alex and Mack organise a trip camping and exploring the wilderness.

Of they go and Sam is home alone with the kids playing video games. They plan to check on friend after the trip if he doesn’t turn up.

Thugs break in and attack, Sam and the kids escape. It is obviously a well planned thing. She heads off to rescue her hubby which she only manages by using social media and email via her smart phone.

Her and Mack are very shaken and start trying to work out what has happened.

A female police officer who is helping the investigation and the Krav instructer become interested in the case – the police woman is a volunteer with no real powers as it were but she also happens to be an archeologist.

It turns out their friend really is missing and probably dead.

But he has left them a clue trail which they follow until they end up in the middle of an ocean looking for a lost city beneath the waves.

They are being chased and at least two factions are closing in on them.

Sam and Mack end up trapped in the ocean city whilst the female officer ends up on deaths door.

There is a battle between the elders.

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