Babel’s Key – Theme

Themes are always tricky, I’m never convinced a writer always knows all the themes, you have to take the stuff you put in on purpose, the stuff that is there because of your own situation, were you in history and so on.

Babel’s Key is part of the Punk’s Universe which has the overall “humanity coming of age” thing going on but it itself I feel is actually exploring issues such as being a female geek or a metrosexual male, and mental health. It did not start out that way but they are the topics which tumble through my facebook feed currently and being a female geek myself I will not deny the elements of self with this story – mainly because I can’t, it grew out of a nightmare I had one night just before NaNo when I was looking for a story – it was too good not to use.

So I suppose it maybe a social commentary but that isn’t really what I am thinking about when I am writing it. What I AM thinking is more along the lines of horror-crime-thriller, of the Davinci Code and the Laundary files. I’m thinking wouldn’t it be fun to throw this into the mix.

Only time will tell what the themes actually are!

Posted: Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 @ 10:33 am
Categories: Inspiration, The Punks World.
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