Babel’s Key – Side Characters

Alex: the initial bad guy, big balshy strong, thug, ex military, has a tendency to under estimate geeks.

Krav Instructor: fit, dependable, police trainer, slight female who has had to become excellent at the actual techniques due to stature.

Friend: shy, has aspergers, hides, good looking, gentle – at the moment he is off page but may well have a couple of chapters coming.

Anna: neighbour who looks after the kids, lovely but English still not brilliant, very homely.

Tia, Tiamat, Lady Khaos: an aquatic ape elder and actual bad guy, webbed hands and feet, large forehead and eyes, is seeking Babel’s Key.

Aten, Baal, The Archetect: an aquatic ape elder and previous partner of Tiamat, he had thought Marinanus destroyed but had realised this was not the case when Lovecraft’s father tracked the ocean city down. He is the “good guy” though he is not squeaky clean.

Sally: special agent, police woman and archeologist who deals with “x-file” type cases, she actually works for Aten, or rather will work for him. She is from the Godex stories based 10-15 years in the future and this is how she ends up embroiled in the secret world. At this stage she is a voluntary community officer.

Morlock: Aten and Tiamat’s son, his is a sociopath who is apt to change sides depending on what looks like the best outcome. He want’s the hidden Key and will walk on, hurt and kill anybody to get it. Both his parent’s have a blind spot for him though in their hearts they know.

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