Finished!!! Not Finished :(

It was a close run thing but yesterday I managed to complete NaNoWriMo with the help of a write-in in Bristol. 11K is my new daily writing max and I managed that twice, finishing Nano in just over a week is also a personal best and I am very very chuffed.

How ever this kind of isn’t the end to it! Nope far from it – for a start I am not going to just drop my Punk projects. I plan to keep writing though due to other commitments I am not now going to be going at it all the time! No that is now going to be my comic book which is in sore need of some TLC.

But having said that I am to continue adding 2000 words a day to the universe – which is growing and widening and the time line is locking down which actually makes the writing a lot easier – it is bounded on three sides – of course it probably has 10 sides plus another for time or some such. I know that there is still absolutely no time travel in it other than the standard going forward.

And to stop it becoming many many started and not finished pieces December is going to be a FiNoMo – Finish Novel Month.

For a start I only have about 25 k of novel written the rest of my nano words have ended up being flash fictions, short stories and the beginnings of longer and serial pieces based in the universe.

And I also need to start putting up some more of the notes for the world and getting some diagrams of individuals time lines and how they intersect as well as regional and planetary time lines. I need to check numbers of generations and a few things like that.

There are most def. enough short stories and flash fictions to release a collection – all the stories will slowly be going out on here so don’t fret you will still get to read it all for free, but there will be a nicely polished version in physical and ebook which you can choose to buy if you wish (say if you hate my indervidualistic spelling and grammar 😉 ).

There is also a list of other story concepts that are begging to be added to the universe – I am resisting making these stories at the moment and am collecting ideas and formulating plots. I think there may well be some future nano projects there.

If I am honest I would like to hit the 100, 000 word mark by the end of the month but that would be pushing it. Though I am so tempted as it is only the same amount of work I have already put in and it would bust another personal record 🙂


Posted: Monday, November 10th, 2014 @ 8:54 am
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