Punku Visuals

I thought I would share some of the visuals I have produced for the character Punku who is the main protagonist of the stories based in the Punk’s world or universe (funny that!). She is an aquatic and land ape hibred who has had alterations made to her body to allow her to synch with optronics (glass based system that works like electronics – think fibre optics), she was brought up by the elite of aquatic apes and has also had life extension and has live for basically all of our history. She can assimilate DNA and adapt to situations so there is some variance on her appearance though out the stories.

Punku Walking Outline Punku Colour light Punku walking coloured in

She has one surviving sibling though initially they do not know they are siblings and are best friends. He is called Itsu or Jess depending on which part of the story we are looking at – he is also the root of the Apollo myth in Greccio-Roman traditions.

Itsu Jess Outline

Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 @ 11:05 pm
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