My Story Starters

Story Starters are there for anyone to use – as a stepping stone into creativity or as a first line or an idea generator etc… I’d love to know if anyone has used them 🙂

1) Gone was the time of choices, gone was the hope of a 1000 peoples, doom scented the air, which vibrated purple #storystarters

2) Crystal bars had her locked in tighter to this nightmare than any iron in the history of man, Mil shuddered… #storystarters

3) The darkness crawled behind Alice’s eyes, she waited controlling her breath, chiding herself for being childish

4) There was a starkly sweet smell in the warehouse, Jambo’s fingers curled automatically around his cosh

5) Gender had always been fluid for the elemental beings but….

6) Star Bright was the strongest warrior to have graced the kingdom for over a thousand years

7) Dawn saw the door bashed down and the the drugs squad dogs sniffing out the little cellar factory

8) The trousers were possessed

9) The ship was sinking and what ever way they looked at it – there was not enough boats

10) The wump wump of the rotors seemed to beat itself into the brain

Posted: Thursday, February 18th, 2010 @ 8:15 am
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