Tired Eyes

The tears had tired her eyes, she looked at the devastation, the limbs and blood scattered across the floor of the church. It had been such a good plan, but it turned out the old legends had been wrong, so very very wrong. Her fingers were sticky with gore and she tried to scrub it off on her splattered cloths, it was pointless.

Trembling she looked at the light streaming in through the stained glass, the sun had risen and with it she had returned to herself, not exorcised, not cleansed and those who had assured her they could help were ripped to shred and flowing through her veins. It was like the solstice at the henge all over,as if 20 years had just not happened, she cried herself to sleep and had been lucky no one had found her.

Ultimately the issue was that she was selfish there was no way she was going to walk into the light, give up her own life, but now she had sent over a hundred souls to their doom. She still wanted her life back.

She had been trying to get it back for over three decades, looking at the carnage she wondered if she should just give it up, she would have been an old lady by now – possibly even dead. She did not want to be dead. She cursed the man who had cursed her, and blushed at the thought of his touch, if he had not abandoned her… if he had only warned her of what she would become. Maybe back then she would have ended it all, but not now, not with the blood singing within. After a massacre she was always so alive.

Walking slowly around she wondered how long it would be before her deed was discovered, she opened the font and smiled when she saw that the water was still in it. She washed as best she could, pretty sure she was just smearing the blood further. In the vestibule she found the priests clothes they had changed out of in favour of their robes. She did the best she could wearing ill fitting trousers, she took loose cash, there was little of it. She left the jewellery knowing the relatives would want such trinkets and just how traceable such things could be.

Tiredness washed over her, with the sun up she felt the need for sleep but didn’t dare. She picked up a bible, and scritched the blood she could from it’s cover. Then sat and began to read, they had sworn to her that the answer to her peril was within this books cover, the hippies had sworn it was the vibration of the stones at solstice, the ice people had taken her to wilds and wastes where the colours glowed in the sky. Somehow it had all been lies and yet humans had been dealing with this ravaging disease she was since written records had begun.

Bitting her lip with now mercifully short and blunt teeth she absorbed the old names and lists of genealogies looking for answers. She began to formulate a plan. No more running from what she was, maybe if she fed a little here and there she would not get the all consuming hunger, would not get the blood lust and remember nothing of the night. And if she couldn’t control it then she would become a prison guard or something and contain the murders, or try animals or something.

A phone trilled and the guilt welled up to choke her once more as she thought of family and friends and the horror she had caused, she could smell the slaughter, iron and gut burnt her nostrils. It was time to jump the country, she would swim the channel and wander the deep woods that still existed in Europe. He’d been from there, Russia or somewhere, she’d found the ice people just after he’d infected her. Thanks to her there was now one less tribe, she was not proud. But if she could find him maybe he could help her control it?

The seconds ticked away slow and painful and she froze in fear as the door rattled and people called and then they thankfully went away. She waited and the day diminished and at the dying of it she opened the door, looked back on her would be saviours and sighed. She set her tired eyes on the horizon and started walking, once out of the church yard she began to run, the blood made her so alive. It was a new night and the wind was in her hair, she screamed at the moon.

Posted: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 @ 9:19 am
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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