Nail Vanish

Saskia looked down at her long acrylic nails and smiled, they were a work of art, pure and simple, the purple gleamed and faded to a lavender and then a deep blue, on one nail a blue cat arched with green gem eyes and on another there was a shadow suggestion of a crooked castle. Bats and spider webs frosted in glitter hung from the pound shop jewellery she wore and her dress was a purple satin lovely with spider web lace, her hair a cloud of copper red with a blonde streak everyone thought was bleached in.

Holding up a mirror she slapped bright red lippy on and smiled. Her nails set it off though! They really really did!

But the most delicious thing about them was that if she hadn’t gone to have them done she would not now be going to this party. She slipped a stockend foot into a pointy toed boot and carefully zipped in up, then the other foot and she was ready and trying not to linger by the window, she wanted to appear aloof and not egore. She failed as she scrambled excitedly to the door and let Nina in, they looked each other up and down, taking in slinky dresses and over fashioned hair and smiled in unison and left clip clopping their way down the rain sleeked streets.

Saskia couldn’t help but smell the sort of bonfireness of the night and the frost that wasn’t quiet there. Nina herself smelt of apples and the night was a glorious sparkly of street lamps in the haze. The party was not far. The cobble stones were a trial in heels, they could have avoided them but then there would have been no excuse to hold hands. Neither dropped the grip once they were on the tarmac beyond.

They could see the people spilling into and out of the party, all glossed costumes and warm light, a smoke bloom hoovered around the heads of clustered cold smokers. It suddenly all seemed very load and invasive. Holding back finally Nina asked, ‘Do you want to get dinner first?’

She nodded and then sagged, ‘I don’t really have enough cash for a big meal I spent it all on…’

Nina smiled at her, thick purple lipstick making her lips look bigger than they were and her teeth seemed to glow in the streets half light, ‘you spent it all on having your nails done didn’t you?’ she asked with a slight laugh, Saskia nodded suddenly shy.

‘I’ll cook then!’ Nina stated and began tugging her down a side street. There were as many street lamps here and pools of darkness seemed to great them. They linked arms and felt the warmth of one and other. A drizzle started making the night miserable, Saskia began to shiver and then the rain sluiced down, they dived for the rail way arch that had mostly had workshops built within it. Huddled they laughed at their stupidity, Nina stroked her cheek and Saskia could not resist the burnt sugar smell of the woman, their lip sticks smeared it a tooth clincking kiss, she found herself pinned against the wall as the kissed deeper and longer and felt warmer.

Giddy they looked out at the night as a premature firework exploded, the rain was not so heavy now. Shyly they tottered towards Nina’s house and the promise of dry towels and hot drinks lay, they were going to have a different sort of party, just the two of them, they’re would of course still be pizza.

Posted: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 @ 1:50 pm
Categories: Flash Fiction.
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