Story Starters

1) Why had he agreed to this? Joe was only a trainee dentist after all, not like proper or anything but it was too late now, he was strapped into the chair.

2) The watch was gold and silver and it filled him with a sense of dread, it was nice he supposed and his dad set a lot of store by it, but…

3) The detective watched the professor, and the professor knew it, he also knew that there was a very real problem with his lab, he just couldn’t work out where.

4) Paying attention she leaned forward, watching intently her fluffy jumpered elbows resting slightly agressively on her knees.

5) He wobbled out of the wicca box all arms and no bones, his mouth was gapping and he seemed to be arrrging in pain and very slow frustration.

6) There were ships of shapes and sizes scattered across the surface, some of them were too old to fly but others looked like they had not yet taken off from the factory and yet they all sat there in disarray.

7) The band played and played and played and the cloths on their back morphed and changed as did the hair on their heads, they did not care, they had found their groove and were settled within.

8) The leaves were such fragile things reaching out to the sun that seemed too far away in the sky.

9) Tufty black hair and staring brown eyes seemed to be the baby’s main features.

10) Looking like little glass pepper pots with LEDs in the robots danced around, syncing with the music and pulsing on and off.

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