Story Starters

1) The galaxies clustered on the map, it was a projection straight into the navigators mind.

2) The building was made of sand stone with a metal stair case that ran as a gentle balcony, up and up and up, leaving a huge empty space in the middle. Stone arches load off of the balcony into palm tree decorated rooms with earthen colours for their walls.

3) The games had been set up for hours, dice and discs neatly in little bowls, awaiting their turns upon the tiles but the men had ended up in deep talk whilst they ate and now the talk for flowing freer than the the wine.

4) There was nothing quiet like an early morning swim in the acid waters of a volcanic lake.

5) The whole was perfect, a circular blackness that was crisp and certain, around it a haze of snaking lightening and twisting flares making the darkness a neon rainbow.

6) They sat there, the yellow beads so uninteresting that you would have been forgiven for throwing them away.

7) It had seemed like such a good idea, something to bond them together – taking daft pictures by the little wooden jetty up in the mountains, she’d agreed and driven him and his chair the 20 minutes or so.

8) Looking at the tricloured tattoos he knew this was it, he now belonged to the ad company.

9) Pick leaves, chuck leaves, pick leaves chuck leaves, the basket would not even be a quarter full yet but it already chaffed rubbing the skin from her back.

10) The skull had stupidly sized teeth, large blade life chopping, cutting, slicing teeth, the rest of the skull was pointy and not shaped much like any of the creatures they should have been finding. Perhaps it had happened – he’d found a new species!

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