The Climbing Princess, Ballerina, Fairy

tutu tote in sunlight

Once upon a time there was a little toddler called Mary, who was given a small pink case by her cousin Annabelle. Within the case was a sparkly thing with lace and some silky pink shoes.

Toddler dancing queen

Mary loved the dress and put it on straight away, then she put on the shoes and got daddy to lace them up. She announced to the cats, ‘I’s a pretty princess!’the cats ignored her and continued bathing in the sunlight on the window sill.

hy ballerina

Mummy saw the dress and said, ‘oh Mary your a little ballerina.’ But Mary didn’t know what a ballerina was, Daddy explained ballerina’s were ballet dancers and Mary got very excited, she loved dancing. She began to twirl and swirl, giggling and telling the cats to watch.


Then Mummy suggested that Mary should get changed as today was climbing day, with lots of rough and tumble at the climbing centre. Mary shock her head, ‘I’m a CLIMBING PRINCESS!’ she said and tried to escape out of the door before Mummy could catch her and make her change.


Mummy gave up as Daddy was going to be late for work if they hung around anymore. Mary thought this was great and smiled and scrunched her fluffy, glittery, lacy skirt – after all it was a magic dress.

Smiling Mary Princess

At the climbing centre, everybody loved Mary’s dress and asked her about it. She told them all how she was a climbing princess and ran to the slide, she had to climb up a little climbing wall to get into the top of the slide.

Princess Mary on the slide

Her ballet shoes did not slow her down one bit, in fact they were quiet like the climbing shoes she liked to wear. Mummy appeared with the climbing shoes and Mary changed her shoes after it was explained the climbing would damage her silky shoes.

Oh says Mary

Mary hurtled about rescuing teddy bears and dinosaurs from different parts of the bouldering room. She would climb up to them and then cuddle them down to safety. The dinosaurs only some times where scary and chased her and her friend around. Then it was time for big climbing – with a harness!

Climbing ballarina

Mary climbed up and up and up, all the way to the top of the wall.

tutu is not going to slow Mary down

She then shouted, ‘I’s a fairy, look! I flying!’ as she let go of the wall and drifted down to the ground once more.

CLimbing princess

Then she climbed back up and fluttered down as a fairy, again and again and again, until all the other children had grown tired. It was then lunch time and Mary had a ham sandwich with no butter – special just for her, pom bears, raisins and juice.

After all the excitement Mary decided she was a tired princess and sat and read books.

Mary reading Smiles

Mary couldn’t wait to be a climbing princess or fairy or ballerina, again but she also wanted to be a panda and sleepily asked Mummy if she could be a climbing panda next time.

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