Story Starters – yep more

These are openings for stories which writers can use to get writing – it started as a twitter meme.

1) He was too old for this, the years weighed heavily on his still firm frame, white hair flowed down his back and the beard was straggily.

2) The garden had a patio area hidden amongst arches, over grown with roses.

3) Head scarf tucked around her face tight, not a wisp of hair could escape, the woman walked to the tree, a ladder had already been placed against it’s trunk. She put her basket down.

4) Purple wooded trees sat under the sky of dark pearlessence, bright stars moved creating light tracks in the dust pattern.

5) The chest burst open spilling the coins across the grass of the grove, they were not what the thieves had expected.

6) The knight awoke and knew the world was wrong, motion was slow and he felt little weight on his bones even though he was decked in armour. The sky was a murky green and little light shone here.

7) On that day the people heralded him like a prince, he preen and pimped and basked in the glory, knowing that his crimes would soon be revealed.

8) Moonlight bathed the hillside in a strange blueness, the wonderer stood to admire the view.

9) The data discs where heavy, the mage carried an armful of the shining things, he wondered briefly once more if he could destroy them.

10) He would hold fast, the sticks chittered at him, he held their dead brethren and hit out at them, the children behind the door he guarded needed him to pull off a miracle.

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