Yep More Story Starters

These are my story starters which can be used as openings for stories – it started as a twitter meme. These ones are slightly too long for tweets but I thought I’d share them anyway.

1) Ambient lighting filled the bar, it looked rustic and old but was a well oiled sleek money making machine with the best tech and a very cheerful bar tender.

2) They had dressed him up like a peacock, he even had a tail. It was not going to be a fun evening.

3) Lightning they say never strikes twice and in truth it didn’t, it took different paths down through the building.

4) The children picked and picked the blooms, flowers of different colours which they sorted into the large shining metal tubs.

5) She watched the maids running home to their mothers for the holiday, eyes sharp with hatred, she wanted to run.

6) The crown was his, but no one had told him that it must be worn upside down, the weight of the gold tips where pressing into his skin – soon he would bleed.

7) There was no glass at the windows and the stone stole all the heat and yet the boy still sat by candle light trying to read a book

8) Eyes that no longer saw, that no longer where, hide behind the soft cloth

9)Jeff had more than one sword hanging over his head, there was a whole bristling metallic tree of the things and they where poised to crash down on him at the first mistake.

10) They where ornamental, sleek, wood and gold, but they seemed to fly. On their own you understand.

Posted: Saturday, January 25th, 2014 @ 9:48 am
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